Tinder launches new brand campaign for South Korea Gen Z adult singles in pursuit of authenticity and self-expression
Tinder releases four new campaign videos in Korea featuring award-winning actress Jeon Jong-seo and authentic stories told by its Korean users using the brand’s “There is no wrong choice, Tinder” campaign platform. Airing on all Tinder official channels in Korea from now till 30 April, the campaign aims to inspire authenticity, confidence, and choice in all its forms.

Singapore, 11 March 2024 - Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, has unveiled a new local brand campaign in Korea that celebrates Gen Z's authentic self-expression and choices. Building on Tinder’s "There's no wrong choice, Tinder.” brand message in Korea, the campaign video series spotlights Gen Z’s quest for honesty and authenticity through real-life stories of one of Korea’s rising stars, actress Jeon Jong-seo, best known for her roles in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”, “The Burning” and “The Call”, in addition to real stories of actual Tinder users.

The campaign "There's no wrong choice, Tinder.” celebrates the diversity of relationships and respect for all choices through relatable stories.

In the first campaign video, Jeon Jong-seo – currently starring in her first K-drama romantic comedy, “Wedding Impossible” – unapologetically showcases her distinct personality with a promise to share all aspects of herself as an actress and as an individual. Whether it's love, friendship, or an undefined relationship, the subsequent three campaign videos (titled Cafe, Travel and Best Friend) showcase real-life stories of Korean users who have found new connections on Tinder, illustrating the possibilities of anyone finding a significant other or friend on Tinder.

The campaign takes inspiration from the new generation of Gen Z daters: According to Tinder's 2023 "Year In Swipe" report, Gen Z values knowing and expressing themselves with "main character" energy. In Tinder's Future of Dating Report 2023, 64%1 of young singles say they're willing to put themselves in awkward situations as long as they can be honest with themselves, and 86%2 say the most important thing they look for in a match is someone who is comfortable being themselves. With this newfound priority in self, Gen Z is also redefining the concept of ‘relationship’ in their own terms. 75%1 of young singles believe their generation is challenging the dating and relationship standards such as ‘playing hard to get’ or ‘defining relationships’ passed down from previous generations, and instead, are making self-assured, healthier choices in dating.

“Tinder’s latest brand campaign in Korea celebrates this generation’s self-expression and authenticity,” said Daniel Kim, VP of Marketing, Asia at Tinder.  “At Tinder, we are passionate about creating a space where every individual can showcase their true selves fearlessly, knowing that they're embraced and celebrated just as they are. With this new local campaign, we're proud to champion authenticity as the cornerstone of meaningful relationships.”

Tinder continues to connect  strongly with Gen Z singles across the APAC region. “There’s no wrong choice, Tinder,” in Korea follows Tinder’s first local “It Starts With A Swipe” campaign in Southeast Asia that debuted in Vietnam, illustrating how this generation of young adult singles are looking for endless possibilities. The “Love Is With Others” brand campaign in Japan similarly celebrates young adults seeking new possibilities and encourages them to look for joy, laughter, and sadness with someone else to make every day special with new encounters.

The campaign in Korea will run through April 30, and four campaign videos, including one by Jeon will be available on Tinder's official channels for Korea, including the Tinder app, YouTube, and Instagram.



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