Tinder® launches its first-ever Songkran stickers for users to add on their profile to celebrate Thailand’s World Songkran Festival

APAC/Singapore, 11 April 2024Tinder ®, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, is celebrating Songkran this year with the launch of its first-ever Songkran stickers collection - available to Tinder users in Thailand.

Songkran is Thailand’s largest festival and traditionally a time when friends and families across all generations reconnect. For Thai Tinder users it’s also a time to make new connections, as mentions of “Songkran” in Tinder profiles  in April are 5.5x higher than the month prior based on data in 2023 showing that young people are looking to find new matches during this time.

Embracing the playful side of Songkran, Gen Z can add the stickers to their profile and share with others their passion for the festival while also using the stickers as creative conversation-starters.

Designed in a fun Gen Z style that combines sanook and the festival’s traditions, there are four stickers for Tinder users to choose from, each one representing an iconic element of Songkran:

  • The Thai elephant is known for its love of splashing water, just like people during Songkran.
  • The water gun, essential equipment for the fun-loving water warriors.
  • Building a Chedi from sand is a traditional activity at temples during Songkran.
  • The traditional silver bowl used for splashing water on elders as a sign of respect.

Tinder’s Songkran stickers are available in the app from 11 April onwards. Tinder users can add stickers to their profile by tapping on in-app notifications, and stickers can be changed by tapping on another user’s sticker on their profile.